Exchange and return policy

Satisfaction guarantee

1.- If the package was received satisfactorily but the merchandise is not of your total satisfaction, you must send a refund request within a period of no more than SEVEN DAYS to the email, writing the reason why you are not satisfied (This is an essential requirement for us as your opinion is very important to us.

2.- The reimbursement request must contain the name, order number and the product or products for which you wish to return.

3.-You will be asked to return the product to us by parcel, in which the shipping cost will be borne by us.

4.- Once we receive the product, it will be verified that the product is not in bad condition, and it does not have less than 90% of the product.

5.- If you comply with the aforementioned conditions, a total refund of the value paid for the product will be made, with the same form of payment made.

Return and Exchange of merchandise (Applicable to merchandise sent by parcel).

a) If the package was received satisfactorily but the merchandise is defective, you must send your claim to our company within a period of no more than FIVE days (after receiving the package).

b) If the company accepts the damage reported in the first instance, the new merchandise will be sent again.

c) If you do not accept your claim, it will ask you to return the package in order to verify the damage.

d) The cost of sending the return generated will be paid by the customer.

e) Once the company receives the returned package and can effectively verify that there was a failure on its part, it will reimburse the cost of the return shipping and send the merchandise again.

f) If the company upon receiving the package considers that the reported damage did not merit the return, it will notify the customer that their return was not accepted. If the customer wants the merchandise to be sent back to him, he will have to cover the shipping costs that are generated.

Return and Exchange of merchandise (Applicable at point of sale in our OFFICES)


b) To make an exchange or return, you have a period of 7 calendar days
after the purchase is made. After 7 days have passed, I DO NOT know
make no change or return.

c) Changes or returns are subject to validation of the status of the
product and purchase conditions.

d) NO exchanges or returns are accepted if the product shows signs of
have been used, as well as if it is dirty or abused.

e) The amount paid for the merchandise will be returned in the same way as
You have made your purchase, and in the same currency denomination.

f) For changes or returns due to manufacturing defects.
If the product has a manufacturing defect, you must notify the
soon as possible. You must deliver the defective product with its labels
(without being detached) and in the original packaging.

h) Adhesives or liquid material will be subject to investigation for
really check that there is a defect in its operation and only
You have 5 days to file this report, after your purchase.

i) Products that do NOT have an exchange or return. For safety and hygiene reasons, GOLD STORE SA de SV does not accept the return of these products: Disposable material (brushes, patches, microbrush, etc.) and Tweezers.

Cancellation of orders

a) You can send a notice to cancel a purchase order, as long as you have not yet received your order confirmation.

b) Once the company has sent the order confirmation, no cancellation will be accepted nor will any payment be refunded.

c) In the event that the order cancellation is accepted but a deposit has already been made to pay for the order, the corresponding credit note will be generated.

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